Presenting the berba mobile app!


Berba Homepage

Here’s what I’m working with my homepage for Berba (world’s first vintage clothing dept store)

Competitive Analysis….(Dept Stores)

I had thought of redesigning Bank of America but then I thought, why not do something funkier, original, dare I say hip? 🙂 So I chose a creation of my own; the worlds first Vintage Dept Store. I named it Berba because that was the coolest meaning of “vintage” in another language. (it’s Croatian) So here are some of what I am competing with here.

Here are my analysis screen captures.


Very informational; not much style to it.


I like the cleanliness and elegance of this site. It’s functional, but a little cold.


This is very funky and I like that the type is very different yet readable and engaging.


Like the hot pink sprinkled throughout but other than that it’s pretty dull.

American Rag:

I like that it gives me what I want as soon as I get on the homepage; clothes!

Urban Outfitters:

I love UO. They are constantly clean, new and artsy.

Gimmie MoMA

I love blogging but I am awful at maintaining a blog. With that said here is my 1) MoMA homepage redesign. 2) Exhibit page 3) Installation Page 4) See More Page

We are learning to design sub navigations so my 2) Exhibit page is a sub from my homepage and so it goes on, onto 3) Installation page is a sub from the Exhibit page, and the 4) See More is a sub sub from the previous page.

It sounds confusing but it’s really helpful with keeping consistent with the entire design of the website.

Here are the jpgs!

1) Homepage Redesign:

2) Exhibit page:

3) Installation Page:

4) See More Page:

I guess you could say that I’m satisfied with these sub navs. I like that the soft/warm color palette maintained it’s integrity throughout the design. I think one of the things that I need to modify perhaps is the content that goes into these navigation pages. I look forward to feedback! 🙂


Tedious. Hungry. Procrastination.Wordy.

Hey Wireframing, you make me feel all of these (though some are grammatically impossible) Nonetheless, thanks.


Who We Are:

Despite my opening statement I enjoyed doing this because it helped me pay attention to keeping the wants of whoever may be my client in the forefront. And when it comes to it, whether it be miscommunications, payments, or ideas; that’s pretty darn important to keep track of.